First couple of days

Monday 8th June day one

I left home at about 9am yesterday i just closed the front door, put the key in the letterbox and walked down the road thinking how heavy my bag was. A bit of a strange feeling thinkng about it. Im off to Australia on foot and no one saying goodbye at the door. After a couple of hours a realised that the kitchen sink had to go. So i found a bin and dumped my selfie stick my meta Knife and fork and a complete set of clothes. Easily a kilograms worth. It didn’t feel much lighter so i was going to have to get used to it. Walking along the canal towpath i met a couple living on a barge and his words living under the radar. They were retired and sick of their rat race so decided to live on a boat and travel around. Anyway i gave them my card and he immediately got me a chair and made me a cup of tea. We sat for half an hour chatting then i moved on. Looking for a place to pitch my tent later that afternoon i found a pub with a field next door. I could could camp there but no facilities, well just a garden hose. So i went in and asked if i could stay and she agreed for seven quid. Quite a lot considering. Anyway i agreed and ordered son food. I gave her a one of my cards with the tenner and i sat and ate by the open log fire. After i finished the meal st
He came over and said, I’ve just been on your website and i cant take your money, so she gave it all back and i had a free night. Great! Then as i was leaving a guy at the bar put a fiver in my hand and said it was to buy my lunch with tomorrow. So i left with more than i went in with. She also agreed to make a donation on the breath cancer site. Legs are tired and i don’t think i drank enough water so some cramps. But other than that a pretty nice day. Except of course for missing my rose. Sorry about any errors , not easy sitting in a one man tent.


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