Kids In The Middle

Kids In The Middle is a new charity run by kids for kids experiencing the emotional issues related to relationship breakdown.

We have recently nominated this charity as our charity of choice to benefit from our MANCHESTER TO BRISBANE motorcycle trip in 2015.


“They are a group of 20 students in two schools, Hereford Cathedral School and Crickhowell High School. We are launching a national fundraising campaign, backed by judges, lawyers, barristers and mediators.”

It will be the first service for children ever launched with funds raised entirely by teenagers’ campaigns!

The project has fantastic support from family court judges, family lawyers, barristers, Cafcass and others – people who see kids in the middle every day.

Thanks to our first legal donors!!

if you want to help please go to

A Child’s Right To A Father HELP US help them

This campaign is simply to raise further awareness of the suffering children go through when they lose contact with their father. HELP US HELP THEM




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