Equality at the beginning but not at the end.

What ever happened to equality

Remember getting married or signing your mortgage agreement? We were equal at the beginning weren’t we? So what happened at the end of the relationship? Strange equality was the right thing for us both at the beginning, but it seemed a different story at the end of the relationship.

Parents are presumed equal during the marriage. What changed in the equality equation once the marriage ends? Children need and want both parents in their lives, not as visitors, but as active and equal participants. That’s why shared parenting is best for children.


Seems like the rules are always bent in favor of the woman or and the mother.

It was forgotten that the children get hurt during this “tug of finance” The only solution is equality at the beginning and equality at the end. This prevents the argument in the first place and places the children right where they should be as equals with equal access to both mother and father.



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