Me “A Little More Personal”

A little more personal.

The first thing to understand is that with this campaign MANCHESTER 2 BRISBANE  we are not going to change the world of Family Law alone, but we firmly believe that every small effort and individual way that we do something to highlight this issue will contribute to an eventual law change, so that when a couple enter a Family court for the first time “both parents” can be assured that they begin on an equal footing. Which they don’t at present.

Some fathers have resorted to climbing high public buildings or bridges dressed as super heroes and all due respect to those dads that follow that course. Some fathers have indeed sadly taken their own lives in desperation as no-one listened to them. This is the saddest part I believe even sadder than the child losing it’s father with no explanation. I have been in those depths of despair and ended up on life support after a heart attack. I sat there alone night after night wondering if I had it in me to end it all as I am absolutely sure thousands of other dads have too. Luckily and thanks to my “close” friends and family I made it through to a little bit of light at the end of a very dark tunnel. It’s three and a half years ago now and the pain is still as intense now as it was the last day I saw my two children. But I found a way to live and fight back. Now I spend every day writing at least one blog or social network post. It helps me and I believe it enlightens others. We completed one trip this year with a small amount of interest in why we did it. Simply through quite amateur YouTube movies and posting on social networks. I believe we can reach a lot more people with this latest project. It’s dangerous, it’s uncomfortable and risky. But that is the strength of feeling I have.

Manchester Brisbane PHOTOThis won’t be some sort of synnicle holiday. Far from it. It means sleeping out for a year most of the time rough. It means hour and hours of riding, it means crossing Turkey, Iran and just south of the Afghan border. It means stopping work for a whole year to complete and it means dismantling my bike at the end of the trip and selling for parts.

If I have stirred even the slightest interest please read the rest of my story on our webpage link below.



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