The Rain Before The Storm

Yes I know it’s a strange title for a blog written by a man blogging to relieve the pain of not seeing his children. But in a way it’s quite apt. because the rain is the pain I feel on a daily basis missing my children and knowing that they are in the same pain as I am if not worse and, the storm is what’s heading straight into our lives when they realize the truth that I was always there missing them, blogging my feelings and having tried everything in my power to stay in their lives in the face of a bias and cruel family court system that gave me no chance of winning from the very start of the process..  To fully understand the cruel practice of parental alienation you really need to see and feel it first hand. The parents and the system are willing partners in this crime on children and children and the absent parents are powerless to prevent it. This is indeed the crime of the century. Millions of children effected millions of absent parents feeling powerless with their hands tied sitting and watching it happen.

All my videos are in support of all of these children, fathers and groups trying to support them.


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