Supporting F4J Our UK Tour

During July 2013 Rose and I toured the UK by motorcycle in support of Fathers Rights organisations and to add to our catalogue of messages to my two children, who I haven’t seen for just over three years. This video features just one leg of 15 stages of our trip but sends a short message about the unacceptable inequality present in UK family law.

Any inequality in life is unacceptable in a civilised society and this one is without doubt the worse. It effects countless people, not just fathers but some mothers and countless innocent children who have been ripped from the arms of loving dads.

This is my video. ( thank you to Eric Clapton for the wonderful and meaningful music).

Section 5 of our 16 stage trip around the UK by motorcycle.

3,500 miles covered.


One thought on “Supporting F4J Our UK Tour

  1. The children’s act does not give parents a legal right to see their children after separation or divorce, It only gives them a right to apply to the court for contact but nobody in the family court service knows or cares about how much contact a none resident parent needs to have with their children to ensure their long term relationship is sustainable.

    A child’s “needs” cannot be optimally met by a single parent, however loving. Kruk’s findings show that a child must spend at least 40% of his time with a parent to establish and maintain a beneficial attachment.

    It was never the stated intention of the parliament who introduced the children’s act in 1989 for the family courts to operate the sole residency model of family law.

    There have been 7 family court inquiries since the Children’s Act was first introduced & now the Children & Families Bill is going through parliament & again our government has failed to act in the best interests of children by changing the law to introduce shared parenting.

    Our politicians seem more interested in selling advise of how to get around the law rather than changing it to improve the outcomes for children & when we did get 345 MP’s to sign a EDM which would of introduced shared parenting’ only 146 of them could be bothered to go into the Lobby when it really mattered.

    Mark Lancester MP Re: Shared Parenting reform 14th February 2013

    Letter sent to The Rt Hon Michael Gove MP Dated March 2013

    There is no research used to train judges in relation to deciding contact time 27th February 2013

    CafCass has no guidelines or training on how much contact is required 7th March 2013

    Milton Keynes Family Court Judges ignore false allegation of abuse.

    Publishing judgments does not allow justice to be seen to be done. It only tells us what the judge decided to do. To be able to make a balanced & informed decision the public would need to have access to all of the relevant information. You can’t have accountability without transparency. The families who have been failed by the family courts must be given the help & support they need & the law must be applied to all of the family court judges who have refused to enforce contact orders’ so that justice can be seen to be done.

    The problem is not the law but how it’s applied & ignored.

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