This is not a request, it is a direct call to action to all British fathers. this issue affects you in one way or another, whether it be you, you son, or your fellow man. Its time for direct action to protect yourself, your families lives and the future of “Family” as we know it.


A message to the Fathers and future fathers of Britain.  Britain is fast becoming a state where fathers are dispensible. What with the one sided predjudice of family  law and single mothers choosing not to invoilve a father. Fathers (men) are fast becoming redundant. Ok, I understand that there are men out there without those strong feelings that they are missing out and those that are “as yet” unaffected. But you must understand that at the divorce rate at its current rate and the law as it stands, you may not be affected but you may well be very soon, because if you are one of the lucky ones to stay married and enjoy your family, the likelyhood of one of your sons being afftected is very high. Over 1,000 children lose contact with their dads every week, Thats 50,000 every year, year on year. You or your son will be affected at some time in your or their lives. Thats a fact. So I call on you all, every single red blooded male in this country to think ahead, think of your son if not yourself and the pain he will go through if he loses at the hands of a family court. I call upon you to defend and protect fatherhood as we know it and  as we know a family should be structured. Kids need their dads. Thats a fact. You will be affected, thats a fact. One thousand kids a week are losing contact with their dads. Thats a fact. The law in this country is bias towards fathers. Thats a fact. If the mother doesnt want you in your childs life you wont be. Thats a fact. So what can you do?  First, if you arent directly affected at the moment you will know someone who is. Talk to him to find out what is really going on. Support the F4J organisation or RFFJ organisation. Then find out where and when and then lets tell this government in no uncertain terms that we elected them, that we are who matters, that family is the backbone of this country and that those working in government elected by us for us must ensure that fathers are treated with equality in all areas of life as do any black, yellow, pink or brown person, able bodied or not. THIS IS A DIRECT CALL TO ACTION. Do your bit please British men.




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