Now the real fight begins.

Fathers 4 Justice have finally woken up to the fact that the government aren’t listening and aren’t likely to listen. Looking back through history it is easy to realise that governments don’t ever listen to it’s people when equal rights are an issue.

You would think in this day and age we have learnt how to communicate properly and to avoid unnecessary conflict. Well we haven’t, and it looks like we are about to witness yet another street battle for equality. Fathers 4 Justice to their credit have been trying to do this in the correct manner, through proper negociation and lobbying the government in what we believe is the democratic and civilised way.

A group of Suffrajetts. Fighing for votes for women.

A group of Suffrajetts. Fighing for votes for women.

However, the government, I believe have made their biggest mistake they are ever likely to make. The population this issue effects is bigger than any other group ever to embark on an equal rights movement. Segregated fathers and those at risk of future segregation make up 50% of the population. A force of millions, too many for even the strongest of police forces to control.

Every civil rights fight in history has gone this route and I might add has been successful. Then looking back, future generations have thanked those who made the sacrifices necessary to progress mankind in the right direction.

If only governments would listen in the first case.

Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks. Civil Rights Activist

When you think of those now famous individuals who made their personal sacrifices for others, like Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, The suffrajetts and others they all had one thing in common. “A strong drive to see right done for ordinary people”

There comes a common factor at the beginning of a fight and thats a moment in time where one single person says “enough is enough” and then change begins. This is our moment. Just like Rosa Parks sitting on that bus going home from work after a hard day at work. She sat there and thought “I’m not giving my seat up for a white man to sit down again, why should I? From that day things started to change.

The Rosa Parks Story.


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