Brazil, Brazil, Brazil If you do nothing else today read this short article and watch the video.

Brazil, Brazil, Brazil

If you do nothing else today read my short article, watch the video and search the BBC News website for last week news on Brazil..

On 26th November last year I wrote the article below outlining our plans to help a young woman and her children after we found her crying in the street with two of her 5 young children.

She had no money or no food for her children and no means of support. You see, in Brasil the social support system is not like that of the UK. You “will” find yourself on the street if your luck turns bad as it sometimes does in life. It is not unusual to stop at traffic lights and be confronted with children standing in front of your car juggling or doing other tricks or washing your windscreen because they live on the streets and need food.

Yes they are holding the World Cup next year and the Olympics shortly after.

When you ask Brasilians what their thoughts are regarding the events, they are always negative, because they dont believe it will happen without serious incident or won’t be finished in time, or more importantly, because they are in dispair about the level of corruption and cruelty that goes on in the preparations .leading up to the events.

In Brasil a typical teachers salary is between R$600 and R$800 Reals. Bear in mind that at current exchange rates there are 3.5 reals to the British Pound. Not much I hear you say, considering that in the UK the salary for an experienced teacher is about £30,000 per year.

There is an eruption about to happen in Brasil and the world deserves to hear the truth and not a political spin or a twisted BBC account.

Watch the video and do a search. Because this matters. This is Brasilians telling the world what it’s really like.


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