“In The Best Interest Of The Child” Give me a break!!

A thriving business that corruptly and systematically destroys peoples lives for profit. The only people who can legeslate against it are the beneficiaries. We are “F***ed.

Steve 123

Simply an honest dad loving and providing for his kids, victimised by a corrupt industry. Never giving up never stopping his fight regardless of what they do or say.

 “In the best interest of the children” is no more than a strap line to justify their agenda”

The only thing that is in the best interest of the child is to maintain a relationship with both parents. Of course we all agree that in sone extreme circumstances that is not possible. However, decisions are made in this country by hardly qualified people who’s only interest is self interest and self preservation. In other words watching each others backs. There have been a number of high profile abuse cases in the UK which we are all aware of and because of the inadaquacies of those people, mistakes were made. Now every father who wants to keep contact with his children because he loves them and they love him is treated first with suspicion and then contempt. I believe this is part of the problem. Plus a family court system that is answerable to no one. One thing people don’t understand fully is the “INDUSTRY” I lost everything, It cost the state £500,000.00 over 23 hearings to defend my rights but to no avail. I declared myself bankrupt trying. That money came from your taxes and destroyed my life and on the top of that it cost the NHS thousands to treat me for my heart attack. Its continuing to cost you because I now take 6 pills every day. Thats just me, if you multiply that cost by the amount of people this is happening to then you have a true picture of the cost. That “INDUSTRY” and the financial benefits are going to the lawyers and judges. YES it is, all of it. For example, when was the last time you needed a plumber? The last time I phoned for a plumber he said do you want the bad news first or the bad news first. There is no incentive for a lawyer to cut an emergency job short. In other words why should a thriving business do a short job for you when they can do a long one. It makes no good business sense. I know a lawyer in a different field and I was told by that lawyer that a weekly meeting is held to see which cases are worth the most money and which can be strung out the longest. This is common business practice  Most separations can be sorted out amicably but not when the money hungry legal vermin get their teeth into your shattered relationship. This is the biggest scandle in human history and the only people that can put a stop to it are the beneficiaries. We’re fucked!!!


The scandle of the century. This judge should be hospitalised.


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