1,111 Days and waiting.

Here we go again. “Same Old Same Old”

FAMILY JUSTICE BOARD – ACTION PLAN Published this month.  The Family Justice Board reveals its plans to improve the Family Justice System in the UK.  The Family Justice Board is headed up by David Norgrove, who headed up the Family Justice Review last year (do you see a pattern forming here already?). David Norgrove recommended in the Family Justice Review that fathers should not have any rights. I dont see a change of heart. Do you?

Regardless of this new attempt to dupe the rights of British fathers I’m still here and will be until I beat this with patience.

Thinking positively, it took a while for black people to achieve equal rights in the US. It took a long time to end apartheid in South Africa, it took a while to achieve votes for women in the UK, in all struggles it took lives, it took struggle and pain. When you look back through history every equality struggle took more than just words and in the beginning negotiation always failed. Nothing changed until lives were sacrificed and pain was felt. Sad but true. We all hope that we are older now and have grown up. But take a look at the BBC News every day and it doesnt look promising.  So if you think Facebook is going to solve this you are sadly mistaken and naive  in the extreme.

Feeling pain isnt a problem but losing my life seems to be biting my nose off despite my face, so I’ll just wait. Time is passing and my two children will ask why. You know what my answer will be. The truth is coming and its heading straight at you and every other alianating parent. 1,111 days and waiting patiently for you. As always, decicated to my two children.


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