1078 Days & Waiting

Christmas 2012

1078 days and counting. Giving up is just not an option. One day I know that my two children Scott and Layla will look for me regardless of what other significant others try to do and say. You can’t aviod the fact that one day before not too long one of them will want to know what happened to their once devoted and loving dad.

It won’t make sense that one weekend I was picking them up driving off to the countryside, setting up our tent and going rockpooling, walking and riding their new bikes. They will remember those days and then not be able to reconsile the fact that almost immediately their dad disappears off the scene.

When that day arrives and the questions are asked, the truth will be told. That is that I had no choice in the matter. Those infamous British Family Courts in partnership with alienating significant others and their manipulating legal representatives conspired to exclude one of the best parents a child could hope for. A parent with an impecable track record of previously bringing up his two older sons alone after his first mariage broke down  whilst those two sons were just four and five years old. My older boys grew up to be fine young men and fathers in their own right. Resulting in my five grandchildren.

Tent Pass


Just one of the thousands of documents and items I have that will be returned to my children when they eventually find me. This camping tent ticket may not seem very significant to most. But it was the last time we spent a weekend camping. The weekend was full of great things to do and new experiences for them. Memories that are fixed in their minds and when they see them again will prompt memories of great times with a Dad that loved and loves them dearly.

A father of five and grandfather of five yet is not allowed to have contact with his own younger two children. Where is the sense in that?



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