Australia to New Zealand to Chile to Brasil to Paraguay

Talk about collecting “Air Miles” 13 months and 42 flights later, here I am back in Brasil waiting for our next trip into Paraguay. Don’t know much about this country but having spoken to a few people I’m getting mixed reports, having said that when you do a Google search, it looks very nice. The only thing I really know is that when I did a Google search it came up with one of my favorite films “Motorcycle Diaries” the story of Che Guevara’s life and road trip across South America. A great film and highly recommended. Although it’s in Spanish with English subtitles, a great watch and it seems an accurate reflection of Che’s life according to the Guardian Newspaper review. Hers a link to the review. Watch if you already haven’t it’s defo a good watch. I got mine off Amazon.

So anyway, looking forward to the unknown once again. Before I talk about the next section of our travels I think I should round up the last. Australia was just incredible, beautiful, fun, amazing bla bla bla. You think of any positive description and you can add it to mine. My family have lived out there now for between 11 and 20 years. My brother Phil has been there the longest now and is well settled and by his own admission has a great lifestyle. Yes, they have all the same problems that everyone else has, but when the times get a bit tough, lets just get the boat out or go and spend the day on the beach, fishing in one of the many sea canals or sunning themselves on Bribie Island. All of which I did and more, during my six and a half week stay. I shared myself out amongst my two brothers and two sisters, spending most of my time with my lovely sister Heather.

Chistmas Day was special. A hot day, 39 people, loads of lovely food and drink at Phil and Di’s. Watching the kids play and just sitting in the sun all day chatting to family and friends. Very relaxed. Christmas Day as you can well imagine is so different in Oz, always a cold buffet or bbq on the beach. Four visits so far but this time I won’t be leaving it so long before I return.

Rather than add photos here in the text,  I’m going to put just some of the best on my photo page so they can be viewed with the rest on our trip gallery. Most days were spent out walking. Walking is my first love. I just love getting out and exploring on foot. One day Heather and I decided to climb one of the Glass House Mountains just south of Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast. They are a small range of mountains that dominate the skyline and if you are lucky enough and in the right place at sunset you get a lovely view of the mountains silhouetted against the setting sun. See photo on my gallery.

Wasn’t easy, I can tell you. Some sections were literally virticle.  The other danger was coming across anything that wanted to bite you while putting your fingers in a grab hole. Australia is full of nasty things just waiting to inject some sort of venom into you. Yes and even in the towns you have to knock your shoes together in the morning to make sure nothing hairy crawled into them whilst you were sleeping. If you have lived there for a few years stuff like that won’t bother you. You live with creatures all the time. But if you are a pom like me, they seem to know and seek you out just for a taste of fresh white meat. Which reminds me, sleeping one night with no bed sheets on because of the heat and a ceiling fan wizzing around to try and circulate the hot humid air, I suddenly woke to feel something literally walking across my back and left shoulder. With an impulse having lay there for what seemed like an eternity feeling it’s legs cross my skin I suddenly flicked it off my back and jumped up. turned the light on and waited as I scanned the floor for the critter. I just sat there and stared at the floor expecting a triantula to eventually crawl out from under something. I didn’t have long to wait when the biggest bloody cockroach I have ever seen walked across the floor. Anyway I grabbed my shoe and chased it around the room. They are bloody quick when they are running for their lives and when I eventually got it, it took about four really hard hits with my Assics trainer to kill it. This is it and that coin is larger than a 50p piece. So now you can see how I felt every last footstep!

During our climb up the Glass House mountains we saw a lot of animals and insects. Some poisonous some not. But none you would like to make friends with. Funny how everything is much larger in Australia. My family all live in Caloundra which is on the Sunshine Coast Queensland and it’s not unusual to see a large Red Kangaroo bounding down the street in between cars and across your lawn.

Don’t let me put you off going to Australia. Everyrone should go there at least once in their lifetime, if only to see how good life can be. I know you are probably thinking it’s always greener on the other side, but believe me Australia is a much better life REGARDLESS of how good you have it in the UK. If you win the UK lottery don’t spend a bloody penny in the UK except for your ticket out.

The UK is a great place to visit so long as you have somewhere to go home to after the novelty of red post boxes and Beef-Eaters has worn off.

So the trip back to South America. You might think it’s exciting in itself but after Australia everything else can only be second best.  So, stopped off in Aukland, New Zealand. From the air the North Island looks just like the UK does from the air. Green squares of farmland etc. My nieces husband is a Maori and a nicer bloke you will never meet. Crazy about rugby as you would expect. Then on to Chile and Santiago.

Santiago is beautiful. it’s not the place you imagine it to be. It’s a large busy city  surrounded by the most beautiful mountains and hilly farmland. This was the second time I had been to Chile although only short stops each time. Next time by Harley I hope. By the way I forgot to say. Caloundra was full of Harleys. They were everywhere. Indeed, I was watching the local Channel 7 news and they have quite a problem with rival motorcycle gangs. There had been a big fight between these two gangs whilst I was there. Not good advertising for motorcyclist I think.

I will be leaving for Paraguay before too long. I will be updating my blog as soon as I get chance and have had a few weeks to check out my next South American country.

Before I finish this blog tonight and it is 2.43am. You see I still haven’t adjusted to the 12 hour time difference so the last three nights since I arrived I have been getting up at 3am thinking and feeling it was 8am in the morning. You see I left Oz on Tuesday morning and arrived in Brasil on Tuesday night which is impossible.  Today it hit me so slept  about 4 hours this afternoon and now I’m wide awake sitting with my laptop on my knees in the dark while Rose sleeps in the next room.

Although Australia was just fantastic and being with my family after all these years was just great, my kids S & L never left my thoughts. I did have one particular bad day as I do, whist visiting Point Cartright. Point Cartright is where we scattered my dads ashes after he died from cancer a few years ago. A think standing there looking down at the beauty as is everywhere in Oz, thinking about my dad and always having my two children  on my mind, it just got a bit too much.

Point Cartright QLD Where my dads ashes are.

I miss them so much every second of my day and I just hang on with the thoughts that one day they will read my blogs and my Facebook comments and see for themselves that I didn’t leave them, but I was willfully alienated from them as so many other fathers are with the support of the UK bias family court system. As far as I will ever be concerned they are all a bunch of bastards. From the mothers who do it to the scavenging lawyers and barristers who feed off blokes like me and outdated family court judges who sit in their F***** chambers laughing their bollocks off while doing what the F*** they like. Uncontrolled, Unregulated and Unconstitutional. Want to know more?? Look no further.


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